Community Round-Up: 31/05/14

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, with handing in my last piece of coursework meaning my time at University is up, and therefore also the end of 17 years in education.

Meanwhile in the world of gaming, I’ve managed to stick a few hours into Watch Dogs and am enjoying it so far and TSA has been all hands to battle stations. E3 is really ramping things up, so let’s take a look at the past 7 days in this week’s Community Round-Up!

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TSA’s FIFA UT Competition wrapped up this week, with YungJones being crowned the overall winner! He won himself 150,000 FUT Coins, while XBLakie_ChanX nabbed 80,000 in 2nd place.

There’s also time for just a quick reminder about the Plus Points Challenge for Stick it to the Man, which finished tomorrow. It’s a nice and easy competition too, as all you need to do is submit a picture with a witty caption to go along with it, and you could win yourself a PSN Voucher and some valuable leaderboard points.

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Apart from Monday night’s GT6 Meet, which will doubtless feature the new Senna themed content, there’s nothing going on with the Meets. However, providing you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points, you can add your own one if you fancy.

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There was two Reviews this week, both scoring an 8/10. First off was Aran with Worms Battlegrounds for PS4 and Xbox One, and then Tuffcub with R-Type Dimensions, the side-scrolling shooter.

In lieu of a review, Jim has been spending a lot of time with Watch Dogs, sharing his first thoughts, and also looking at the PlayStation Exclusive content, before going into detail on the multiplayer and giving some suggestions on how to kill time in the game.

Stefan brings us a bunch of Previews of the week, which include the survival horror, The Evil Within, GRID Autosport, Company of Heroes:  The Western Front Armies and lastly Metro Redux, the latest remastered games to be announced for the new generation.

Singularity featured in a Matter of Perspective with Aran, while Dark Souls appeared in PlayBack with Sam. Indie Focus had a bumper week, first with Coin Crypt from Gamoc and then Where Is My Heart? with Sam.

As expected, Warframe was a mixed bag; some liking the game, others not so much. It averaged out to be worth £33 in its Verdict, while Resogun is already enjoying comments full of praise as the new WeView game. In other Community content, the Chronicle talked about the potential Twitch takeover, Halo news and The Order 1886 in Hot Topics.

Tidying stuff up in the usual way, there’s What We Played #158 from Greg and Episode 143 of the Podcast for you to catch up with the gang. 


 Let’s jump into the Forums now for a quick look at what you’ve been chating about:

That’s it for this week. For those of you interested in the annual E3 Bingo, keep your eyes peeled as hopefully I’ll get it all sorted within the next few days! Otherwise, I’ll see you next time, bye!



  1. Congrats on finishing uni dude, fingers crossed for a good result! Time for a few days/weeks of permanent drunkenness? Im looking forward to getting nothing right in the bingo :)

    • Cheers!
      And I’m sure I’ll be able to challenge you for that last place, I always do terribly too!

  2. It’s a weird thing leaving Uni, finding that most of life has been education and it’s going to be something different. I can only imagine as I’m a second year at the moment. All the best for your results Gazzagb.

    I completely forgot about E3 Bingo, and E3 itself really. Hopefully I can improve on my score of second place last year. I still blame Microsoft for that one, mentioning the word ‘indie’ more than three times. Who’d of thought it!

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