Community Round-Up: 14/06/14

E3 2014 is over, and ‘underwhelming’ is a word that I’m seeing quite frequently. Even though we saw some great stuff, it seems the lack of surprises and absence of live demos has disappointed many, including myself.

One thing that cannot be described as ‘underwhelming’ or ‘disappointing’ was TSA’s coverage, which I thought was brilliant both sides of the pond.  The guys at TSA Towers did a great job of keeping us up to date with all the news, and the trio in LA also did a stellar job giving us first hand impressions, of which I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about in the coming days and weeks.

Anyway, enough babbling, let’s get started with this week’s Community Round-Up!

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This month’s Plus Points Challenge Competition has kicked off, and this time features PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. Available for both PS4 and Vita owners, it’s a nice and simple high score challenge for the first level of the game. You’ve got until the end of the month (29th June) to get your entries in, so there’s no excuse!

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Sadly, we’ve nothing planned for the TSA Meets right now. So unless you’re interested in joining Monday regular night’s GT6 Meet, or Wednesday’s usual Red Dead Meet, you should feel free to organise your own meet, provided you have 250 TSA points. 

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Unsurprisingly, there weren’t any Reviews this week, but we do have a few Previews that are starting to trickle in from Los Angeles.

Stefan has a first look at Destiny, a game which everyone has been talking about this week, especially since the release of the Alpha, and also FIFA 15, which has the usual assortment of improvements. There’s also a video interview with Sebastian Enrique, Producer at EA Canada, and a look at Alien: Isolation with Lead Artist Jude Bond from Creative Assembly.

Meanwhile, Blair looked at Arkham Knight, with a focus on the improved combat, and Splatoon, which he describes as a “squid based shooter” for the Wii U.

Jim was super busy this week, first questioning if Uncharted 4 will really be the last outing in the series, before asking if Assassin’s Creed Unity is just what the series needs. He also continued his look back at The Last of Us, this time focusing on the multiplayer, before turning his attention to the shooter genre as a whole and where this generation is looking to take us. Lastly, he looked at Dawngate, EA’s attempt to enter into the highly competitive MOBA scene.

Looking at the community articles, in the Chronicle I looked at unlocking the Xbox One’s GPU, Sony’s E3 booth line-up, and Naughty Dog in Hot Topics, while for WeView there was a E3 Special.

The guys in LA have also been keeping a travel diary over the past week, although the ratio of burritos-to-videogames being mentioned is definitely weighted towards the former! [Om nom nom – Tef]

Rounding things off, there were two podcasts for you this week; firstly a pre-E3 special, and then a short podcast recorded just after the conferences by the guys in LA, and not to mention there’s What We Played #160 from Greg.

 Time for a quick jump into the Forums too see what new topics have appeared this week:

  • People are discussing their thoughts of E3 in Jonny Bolton’s thread
  • Muskyy wants to know who’s in the Destiny Alpha and what their thoughts of it are

I’ll be returning once more in the Chronicle tomorrow, but until then I’ll be slobbing it out in front of the TV, watching the rugby and maybe some of the football or Le Mans. Let me know if you’ve got anything better planned in the comments below, otherwise I’ll see you next time, bye!



  1. Does anyone know when the FIFA World Cup competition is going to start?

    • Yeah I’ve written the article will put it up for review tonight hopefully go live on Monday.

  2. Cheers for the great E3 coverage, so many articles i couldn’t reply to all of them but appreciated all the same!

  3. i echo TSBonyman’s thoughts, the coverage has been really good. thanks you tsa

  4. ‘thank’

  5. I forgot to mention that I’ll try to get the E3 Bingo sorted out for Monday or Tuesday. Some people have had a bit of a shocker! ;)

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