Wasteland 3 Confirmed For PC And Consoles, Will Feature Multiplayer

inXile has confirmed that it is working on Wasteland 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The studio is turning to crowdfunding once again to help with the development costs, hoping to raise $2.75 million through the Fig platform. Wasteland 3’s setting is in Colorado, a location that experiences very low temperatures. Players begin as the sole survivor of a ranger squad called Team November, and from here must create a new squad to shape the future of Colorado.

Players won’t have to do this alone though as inXile has confirmed that Wasteland 3 will feature a co-op campaign. Here both players will have their own squads and can work together to take on areas, or split up to cover more ground. The mulitplayer is both synchronous and asynchronous, but continuing the campaign without your friend online will mean having to face the consequences. You can obviously opt to play the game solo too.


Wasteland 3 will allow players to use vehicles allowing for faster traversal, and team based abilities to get the edge in battle. The squad’s Ranger Station will be important too with upgrades to that opening up new quests to complete as the team’s reputation grows. A release period is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Kotaku

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