The News At Sixth – 29/03/18

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the long Easter weekend ahead of us, with plenty of you set to enjoy some (presumably) well earned time off. We’ll be kicking back with a few biscuits, a cup of tea and whatever games tickles our fancy.

Since we’re not going to be covering anything but the most major of news tomorrow, the industry decided that today should be a busy one. Here’s the headlines:


Also today…

Hellblade’s release on Xbox One will come with full fat 4K and HDR, as demoed in this gorgeous and haunting trailer.

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for The Witcher 3’s PlayStation 4 Pro support.

In a blog post featuring F1 2017 patch 1.13 details, Codemasters’ F1 team said they are working hard on their “newest project”, which I’d assume is F1 2018, but might, just maybe, be something different.

As in previous years, they’re opening up the new game’s beta testing programme to the community, with both offline and online testing in the coming weeks. Sign-ups will start shortly.

Speaking of Geralt, here he is in SoulCalibur VI.

Ubisoft made a fun in-game Far Cry 5 trailer to explain what’s so great about AMD Radeon.

People have already made PUBG, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty maps for Far Cry 5’s Arcade. (via Polygon)

The Nintendo Switch has sold 4 million consoles in Japan.

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