The News At Sixth: 09/04/18

Well Monday has raced by quickly hasn’t it? Nothing too exciting on the news front to be honest, you could go and read about digital dinkles or my review of the rather good PSVR shooter Blasters of the Universe to fill some time perhaps? Here’s today’s news:

Also today…

Purveyors of frozen delights Birds Eye have started using a certain PUBG catch phrase.

A new Nintendo LABO trailer has been released

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. That’s…Nintendo, you’re taking the piss right? This is a late april’s fool. Right? If not, it’s sodding cardboard! This is the laziest product i’ve seen and it’s cardboard. HOW DOES IT ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE!? I suppose for Metal Gear solid, it is suitable but it’s cardboard. And…

    I’m getting too old for stuff like this aren’t I?

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