The News At Sixth – 16/11/18

Skipping rope

I think a lot of people are probably still digesting the news from last night that Sony are set to skip E3 next year and what that means for this generation of consoles. These things are always transient, constantly shifting toward the next big thing, but it really does feel like Sony are truly focussed on gearing themselves up for the next generational leap and making sure they come out strong.

While that’s the big picture overview, it’s easy to forget that there’s still tons of huge games set for the PlayStation 4, and a good selection of those are first party exclusives!

Also today…

Overwatch is having a free “weekend” that’s actually a whole week long, running from 20th November to 26th November.

Planet Coaster is celebrating its second anniversary.

Mars Chaos Menace is out today for PS4, Switch and PC.

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