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Everyone’s favourite dog singer songwriter K.K. Slider is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but he won’t slide into visit just any old island. On no, it’s got to be super chill and just a little bit fancy. Luckily, Tom Nook has a plan to bring his favourite musician to the island, and eventually unveils ‘Project K’ to help make it happen. With the newly released version 2.0 update, there’s some new K.K. Sliders tunes to try and listen and earn as well!

This is really the final step in the game’s growth before you’re given completely free rein to do as you please on your island. For this guide we’re going to start from the very beginning of what you need to do, so scroll ahead to find out whatever stage you’re at.

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Move into a house

Your first overall goal after completing the game’s tutorial and setting down your tent on the island will be to pay off Tom Nook’s loan for your Island Getaway Package. Thankfully he will let you do this with Nook Miles instead of Bells, using the NookPhone that he gives you to reward you for certain tasks and passing various milestones.

You’ll need to earn 5,000 Miles to pay off the package – head to our Quick Start Guide for some pointers on how to do this – at which point he’ll tease you with the idea of getting a house and taking on some actual debt. Take him up on the offer and the next day you’ll have an actual home to call your own.

Build the Museum

To really get things rolling after completing the game’s prologue, you need to bring Blathers and his Museum to your island. To do this you’ll need to take the DIY workshop that Tom Nook offers, and construct the Flimsy Net and Flimsy Fishing Rod to collect five species of fish or bugs and hand them to him to pass to his “friend”.

At that point he’ll get a call from Blathers saying that he’s moving to the island, and you’ll set up a spot for his tent and eventual museum. He’ll move in the next day and ask that you bring him 15 more species of bug and fish, as well as fossils. After 15 new species, he’ll build the museum to open two days later.

For some pointers on how to do this, read our Blathers and Museum upgrading guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons KK Concert Meet Blathers

Open Nook’s Cranny

After you’ve moved into a house, your next visit to the Resident Services tent will see Tom Nook and Timmy deep in conversation about resources. It’ll be up to Timmy to figure out how to gather enough resources to build Nook’s Cranny, and you seem pretty likely to want to help, right?

You’ll need to collect 30 each of hard wood, wood, soft wood from hacking at trees with an axe – use a stone axe so that you don’t cut them down on the third hit! – and 30 iron nuggets, which you can get from hitting rocks with an axe or a spade. Once you’ve got all of that for Timmy, he’ll let you pick out the site of the store, which will then open the next day.

Animal Crossing New Horizons KK Concert Open Nook's Cranny

Build a Resident Services Building

Upgrading the Resident Services tent to a building has a few more steps to it – we’ve got a dedicated guide for this here.

Once you’ve helped build Nook’s Cranny, Tom Nook will ask you to help build a bridge to cross one of the streams running through your island, handing you a DIY recipe to get that put together and placed. Following that, he’ll then ask you to place and furnish three new homes on the island. There’s randomised sets of items that need to be crafted per the incoming villagers’ desires, and Tom Nook will hand you the DIY recipes to do all of this. It’s then up to you to fulfil them and either hand them in at the construction site, or place them close enough outside, per the instructions.

Villagers can move in one per day as soon as any of them are completed, and these will either be animals you’ve invited to join your island, or animals picked at random by the game.

Those villagers move in one day at a time, and once they’ve all moved in Tom Nook will announce in the daily broadcast that the tent is being upgraded to a full Resident Services building. Oh, and Isabelle will be joining the team as well!

Build the Campsite

After the Resident Services building is complete two days later, Tom Nook will reveal Project K and his plan to bring K.K. Slider to do a gig on your island. The first step to this is to build a Campsite for visitors, so just take the DIY recipe from Tom, craft the Campsite kit and place it wherever you like.

Animal Crossing New Horizons KK Concert Campsite

The next day a prospective islander will visit the Campsite, and speaking to them will let you invite them to move in. This will see Tom Nook ask you to place another housing plot, and that animal will be able to move in the next day.

Raise your island star rating

At this point, you now need to raise your island’s public image. You’ll have to consult with Isabelle to get feedback from an island evaluation, and she’ll give you pointers on how to raise the island’s star rating from 1 star all the way to 5 stars.

Animal Crossing New Horizons KK Concert Island Rating

To get K.K. Slider to visit, you only need to reach 3 stars. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Add more residents to your island
  • Put up fences
  • Add more island decorations
  • Grow more varieties of fruit tree
  • Plant loads and loads of flowers

Head to our dedicated guide for more hints and tips on how to do this.

Do those things, making sure to try and spread decorations and flowers around your island, and consulting with Isabelle regularly to see where she thinks your island needs more work, and you’ll hit a 3 star rating in no time.

Once you check with Isabelle and have a 3 star rating, you’ll have some fun dialogue with Tom Nook and K.K. Slider will visit your town the next day.

Animal Crossing New Horizons KK Concert Tom Nook

K.K. Slider’s Saturday night gigs

After his first visit to your island, K.K. Slider will become a regular fixture in island life, visiting every Saturday evening to perform for you and your fellow islanders!

Tom Nook’s such a fan there’s even Nook Miles for turning up to his shows!

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