Community Round-Up: 06/10/12

It’s been a busy week here at TSA Towers, but I’ve been quarantined in the dungeon as it seems my Freshers Flu has returned for round 2! What’s worse is that my internet also seems to be a bit under the weather, and is periodically dropping off for long periods. I’ll try to get as much done as I can without dying or throwing my router out the window half way through this week’s Community Round-Up!

We’ve got 3 fantastic competitions for you to enter this week. First up is a chance to win a Playstation Vita, courtesy of the guys and gals from Argos! It’s simple to enter too, you just need to post a comment and you’re done! There’s still plenty of time, but make sure to get it done before the 18th October!

Next up is your chance to win an Elgato Game Capture HD. There’s 3 ways to enter; via twitter, the entry form, and lastly entering the TSA F1 2012 Championship, a competition which Elgato have generously decided to sponsor. Entries close on Wednesday, 10th of October.

Speaking of which, we’ve finally announced this year’s much anticipated F1 Championship. You can head over to the announcement article to check out all the details of how the competition will run, but what we all care about is prizes and it’s great to see Insert Coin Clothing, Elgato and Codemasters all contributing to the big pile of goodies on offer.

Be sure to get your entries in by the end of Tuesday 9th of October lest you be left in the pit lane!

Moving on to the TSA Meets, it’s good to see the return of most of them after a quiet week.

Tonight we begin things with the Uncharted 3 Meet kicking off at 7pm, hosted as usual by Bodachi.

Tomorrow sees the DiRT Showdown Meet starting at 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, while Monday sees Forrest return with the Max Payne 3 Meet at 9pm.

The second DiRT Showdown Meet takes place on Tuesday at 8pm, and is once again hosted by Forrest.

There are bound to be plenty regular F1 meet ups floating around the place, so keep your ear to the floor on twitter and PSN. Also, check back for the usual meets which pop up, like BF3’s regular Friday meet, or create one yourself if you have more than 250 TSA Points.

There’s only one pseudo review this week, with Al’s score-less look at Trials Evolution’s Origin of Pain DLC pack. Curry, beer and a “stream of consciousness” give you a good idea of how it plays.

There’s a much larger number of previews this week, with many coming straight from EGX. Beginning with Teflon, he got to take a close look at LBP2’s upcoming Cross-Controller pack, which is bound to open up a whole new world of fun for LBP utilising Vita in tandem with the PS3. He also got to grips with Codemaster’s sequel to the immensely popular GRID on the EGX show floor, and GRID2 certainly looks like it will be worth the wait, as well as finding time to get his mitts on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which is also sounding like a great sequel!

Blair breaks the all-Teflon lock out, and gives us his impressions of Nintendo’s Wii U as he made his way around all of the games they had on show in their little area.

There’s also a whole boat load of videos and interviews from Eurogamer Expo. We have got: Tomb Raider, Grid 2, Hitman, Total War: Rome 2, Abe’s Oddysee: New ‘n’ Tasty, Company of Heroes 2 and I’m sure I’m missing a few out too!

The rather “interesting” Chronicle this week came from TSA’s EGX House in London, whilst WeView is looking at Gravity Rush from the Vita. Last week’s game was Metal Gear Solid HD Collection receiving very favourable views from the community. Lastly, Greg brings us What We Played #73.

And now let’s visit the forums, let’s take a peak, although they’ve been a bit quiet:

It really has been rather a quiet week on the forums. I bet you’re all playing games, or something.

Last week, the Borderlands 2 Psycho took on Big Boss, and was defeated 5 – 1. Big Boss is just 1 fight away from entering the Hall of Fame. I’m too ill and lazy to think of a worthy opponent, so I’ll hand over to Tef! I’m sneezing every minute and sitting in a mountain of tissues, can’t even think of a single person we haven’t done yet!

OK, then, how about Jan Templar, star of the ISA resistance in Killzone and Killzone: Liberation, and with a starring role in Killzone 2? – Tef

Jan Templar

  • Uncovers and takes down not one, but two traitorous plots against the Vektan people.
  • Highly trained field operative who quickly rises through the ranks to lead the ISA assault on Helghan.
  • Presumably a distant descendant of Simon Templar, AKA The Saint. (AKA what Roger Moore did before he was James Bond)


  • May have slightly misjudged the cunning and guile of his opponent, Colonel Radec.
  • I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con really, but he was friends with Rico…
  • Can’t jump.

Big Boss

  • Stealthy.
  • Lots of gadgets and gizmos.
  • Not actually a naked snake.


  • One eye must make depth perception a bit tricky.
  • Least imaginative antagonist name ever.
  • I seriously doubt even he could quite figure out all the plot twists and turns which led to yet another 30 minute piece of exposition about how nuclear weapons are bad, the people in charge are also evil, and some other stuff besides. Still, got to forgive Kojima his preachiness, haven’t we?

And that’s it for another week. I’m probably going to stay in bed all weekend and watch back-to-back Bond films, but I’ll see you next week. Bye!

-Somehow Gazza managed to live long enough to deliver you this week’s round-up.



  1. If I read this in the voice of Cilla Black it still sounds okay “The one were everyone forgets to add an excerpt.”

    • I’d like to ask number 1 what their favourite type of dessert is?

  2. Sweet to see Elgato supporting the TSA Championship, getting bigger every year.

  3. “Mistaken Homosexuality”
    And on that Bombshell………..

  4. Gazzagb, you didn’t take that cake that had the big sign saying don’t take, immient spider if taken, risk of death, Chocobo here in front it did you? As i’ve been meaning to memo everyone about me forgetting which cake i injected with a virus. What? I was bored and someone had banned me from leaving the office. Barsteward. Oh and i suspect the Halloween round up will rival my Christmas one. Or turn out completely crap thus forcing me to withdraw from TSA, retire to a cave, have a film made about me,sue the studio, win the case, blow all of the cash on whores and dr pepper. Or just take over the world.

    Big Boss would win. Jan, he is a generic marine who only knows one thing. Charge in guns blazing. Big Boss would sneak up on him and slit his throat but not before having a 5 hour cutscene to explain how he is alive and how on earth he survived up untill the year that Killzone takes place as well as how he got there. Oh then a metal gear shows up and attacks him, because it’s not MGS unless there is a Metal Gear involved. :)

    • It’s not my fault, I can never resist cake!

      • Damm you Gazzagb! Now i have to spend the next week working on an antidote before your organs melt very slowly then every cell in your body explodes. *goes back to the lab*

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