Community Round-Up: 25/10/14

It’s almost as if someone at TSA Towers has activated a time machine, as this week we saw two new competitions and the forums are back up and running, just like old times! So, as I’m sure you’re very excited about this, I’ll not waste any time in starting this week’s Community Round-Up!

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As I said before, it’s been so long since we last had a competition on TSA, I’ve forgotten where this section goes in the Round Up! Was it before or after the Meets? Not that you care about that, you just want to know what goodies you could be getting your hands on!

So, in case you missed it earlier on in the week, we’re giving you the chance to win The Art of Alien: Isolation. To enter, simply open MS Paint and create a masterpiece that either terrifies us, or makes us laugh. There will also be one winner chosen at random to receive a “delicately fingered” copy, as Peter puts it.

There was also another competition, which ended last night. This one was for Steam keys of Warlock 2: The Exiled, so keep your eyes peeled later today to see who won.

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For the TSA Meets this week, we’ll be having some of the usual GT6 on Monday, Battlefield 4 on Friday, and Red Dead should be returning on Wednesday.

If you want to play something else, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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Another quiet week for the Previews, so let’s begin with those. Stefan got behind the wheel of the recently delayed Project Cars, before he looked at the decisions facing Max and Chloe in Life Is Strange. Meanwhile Blair looked at Ori And The Blind Forest, which is shaping up to be a beautiful game.

The Reviews were a bit busier, with the high scorer of the week being a 9/10 for NBA 2K15, for which Aran thought it had “come on leaps and bounds” from the last game. This week Jim looked at Skylanders: Trap Team, which he gave an 8/10, and Samurai Warriors 4, which he also gave an 8/10.

Busting out his kick ass moves, Dom gave the “polished and enjoyable” Just Dance 2015 an 8/10, which was also given to Defence Grid 2, making this once of the highest scoring weeks we’ve had in a while, I think!

In Indie Focus this week, Aran played the side scrolling beat ‘em up, Devil’s Dare, while Jim gorged himself on Fat Princess: Piece of Cake in Mobile Watch. Civilization 5, which saw its successor being released this week, was revisited by Sam in PlayBack, as Blair blogged about looting in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The Hot Topics last week included Driveclub, Pix The Cat and I Am Bread in the Chronicle, while Sniper Elite 3 received a Sale It Verdict. Let’s hope The Last of Us Remastered fares better, although I’m pretty certain it will!

Bringing an end to this weeks articles, there’s Episode 158 of the Podcast and What We Played #178, featuring Destiny, Borderlands and Styx.

As previously mentioned, the Forums have experienced a Lazarus-like revival, so let’s see which threads we have this week:

Well there we have it for this week. Enjoy your extra hour in bed tomorrow (unless you’re not a UK resident or have young kids!) and I’ll be waiting for next week to come around. Until then, bye!



  1. Is anyone experiencing problems with the PS Store on the PS3? All week I haven’t been able to get on the store, it keeps coming up with a under going maintenance message, tried deleting it setting my time via internet and re-installed the store. Well it got me past that annoying message but now im greeted with a blue screen and the PS3 needs a hard reset! Anyone else have this problem?

    • Just checked and the store is fine on my PS3,i believe it’s been fine all week as i was looking at the new additions on update day.

    • I also had problems,but of a different nature. When going to the PS+ zone the tiles wouldn’t load. Yoh could see the blue background but no games, no filter buttons.

      • That’s what made not renew PS+. Most of the tiles wouldn’t load no matter what I did. There was a thread on the support forums and we were told they were aware of the problem and working on it… this was about 2 years ago!

      • Thats what its like now, the only things on the screen are the ps store, search, some other icon in the left corner and the blue screen as mentioned. You can’t do anything as it’s frozen. I have the PS3 since launch and never had a problem with the store, until now. I did notice there was an update for the store recently, maybe that has something to do with it.

        There are many people in the same boat on the ps official forums, but sony have said eff all on the matter.

        The only way i can download a game from the store to the ps3 is by going to the store on my tablet buying the game, then going to the download list in my account management and downloading the game from there. Its long winded but it works. The thing that annoys me is Sonys non response to consumers with this similar problem.

  2. Sorry RudeAwakening or any typos here, but is it me but Ps4 trophies are really autosyncing their selves now? I’ve not had it before but went to sync after a bit of a mess, then I synced and it already happened. Is it me? Or has it really started. A better PSN. I’ll still hold my breath…

    • To be honest i never noticed the trophy syncing on the ps4.

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