Something For The Weekend – 10/09/16

Welcome back for the second edition of Something for the Weekend. How did you enjoy last week’s premier? As this is still a bit of a work in progress, feel free to drop us a comment saying what you like and what you don’t, or let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see included here.

In the News This Week

Fairly Big Poll

No, it’s not as big as Tuffcub’s occasional Massive Poll, but it’s still fairly big. Let us know what you think about the PlayStation 4 Pro and if you’ll be getting one.

Games in Review

The reviews were fairly black and white this week, there were those that impressed and those that did not. Click through to read the full reviews.

This Week’s Features

Obviously, a lot of this week’s features centred around the Playstation Meeting, where the PS4 Pro was announced. Tef wrote about how it will shape the future for the Playstation brand – and signifies the beginning of VR on Consoles. That said, not everyone was overly impressed with the PS4 Pro – Dom explained how he thought the console didn’t go far enough, and that it probably won’t be long until we start hearing mumblings of the PS5.

In case you want to pretend like PlayStation Meeting hasn’t happened yet, here’s our list of things we expected to see at the show, as well as what you shouldn’t have expected to see at all.

From the previews, Jim explained why he thought the recent Battlefield 1 Beta had reignited his love for the series, while Tef looked at Cold War thriller, Outreach, and the upcoming expansion to Rock Band 4, Rock Band Rivals.

For your weekly dose of VR previews, Tef had you covered with the impressive Farpoint, which has convinced him FPS’s and VR can work together. He also took to the track for a look at the ‘outstanding’ Driveclub VR, before requiring a change of underwear for Resident Evil 7.

Although the Round Up and Chronicle may be gone, the familiar What We Played #270 featured Madden 17, Dragon Quest VII & Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Trailer Park

Here’s some of the best new videos for some of the biggest upcoming releases. Which one is your favourite this week?

New Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Shows More Hacking On A Colossus
Showing off the PS4 Pro’s 4K abilities we see hero Aloy taking on some robot dinosaurs.

Mass Effect Andromeda Looks Lovely On The PS4 Pro
Another game to feature in the PlayStation Meeting, and this time it’s Mass Effect Andromeda, giving us a first look at how the game plays. You can jump!

Columbia Looks Mighty Fine In The Bioshock Collection Trailer
BioShock: The Collection is out this week, and 2K have shown off Bioshock Infinite in their latest trailer

The Tomorrow Children Launch Trailer Is Here
Released earlier this week, Bunimomike commented “Weird trailer! Stunning visual style, though”

Trailer Released Showing The Elder Scrolls Online Running On The PS4 Pro
Getting in on the 4K action, Bethesda gave us a hint of what TESO will look like on the upgraded console

Your Achievements

Time to check in on you guys and see what you’ve been achievin’ this week!

DividSmythe had a few days, platinuming both Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens and Riptide GP2 on Vita. Meanwhile, Crazy_Del is powering through Deus Ex and expects to get the Platinum in the next couple of days, once he clears some pesky online trophies.

Andrewww finished playing Abzu – which was a nice counterpart to his playing an underwater demo on PSVR – while the terrible trio of Forrest, Pixel_nme and R1MJAW have all picked up the last few trophies and the platinum for Dead Island. Pixel also defied death and nabbed the platinum trophy in Coffin Dodgers.

The Week Ahead

Finally, the games that you can look forward to seeing released next week, but that’s not all, because there’s the new, slimmed down PlayStation 4 model out at the end of next week as well.

  • Recore – PC, XBO – 13/09
  • Dead Rising Triple Pack – PS4, XBO, PC – 13/09
  • PES 2017 – PS3, 360, PS4, XBO, PC – 15/09
  • Slimmer PlayStation 4 – 15/09
  • BioShock: The Collection – PS4, XBO, PC – 16/09

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I can’t say enough how much I love this new weekend feature. Took the poll too, that was pretty neat. Looking forward to reviews on ReCore and Bioshock: The Collection.

  2. What with having internet issues and then traveling to the sticks for a few days as soon as it was working again, Something for the Weekend is ideal for catching up on the main events i’ve missed.
    Ah – i missed what we played.. oh well, it was all NMS anyway. Too much actually, i needed that few days break to get some proper sleep ;)

    i’m torn between 3 and 4 in the poll, i might consider buying a PS4 pro if/when i own a 4k tv – but by the time that happens PS5 will be out. Sod it, i’m happy with PS4 as is.

  3. Still a very good overview what was on during the week, and an outlook to the next. And keep these surveys coming, they’re quite interesting – even if the people around here are hardly representative of the world population… with over 50% at the moment seriously considering buying a Pro…

    • It’s down to 28% now.

      • Oops, i returned here to see how the poll was doing but instead of the poll results it allowed me vote again. From the results shown i was able to determine that my second vote hadn’t skewed the numbers in favour of my own choice but hopefully the poll just counts one vote per TSA login.

  4. Whoa, Recore is fast approaching.
    Looking forward to giving it a go!
    Hopefully the PC version is solid.

    Good poll. I find it interesting that currently, more people are waiting for Scorpio than plan to buy Pro within the first year. Considering this is a PS-centric site.

    • Maybe because we’re underwhelmed by the Pro, and/or can see Sony regaining the arrogance they had in the PS2/3 era and are looking at the alternatives?

  5. I missed that Horizon trailer in the week, it looks beautiful, except the bit where she zip lines with her bare hands, ow ow ow ow ow ow!! Another handy roundup, cheers Gazza.

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