The News At Sixth: 06/03/18

“Back once again with the renegade master” philosophised Roger McKenzie, aka Wildchild, back in 1995, correctly predicting the return on The News at Sixth for today, Tuesday 6th March.

That is if you assume that by ‘renegade master’ he meant ‘video games new and some extra content’, and I’m sure we can all agree that’s exactly what he meant. It’s been a very odd day of news featuring Donald Trump, Channel 4 fakery, and sex dolls. Here’s what you missed.

Also Today…

Offscreen footage of Biomutant running on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

TT Isle of Man has a launch trailer

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Farewell bonus episode is out now.

Dead in Vinland has a documentary

A look at Tera running on consoles



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