The News At Sixth: 16/08/18

With Gamescom round the corner the news desk has been flooded with announcements and press releases so we’ve got a lot for you to read today, and judging by the big pile of things I still need to write up, a lot tomorrow as well. Today’s burning question is what is Project Mephisto? Answers on a postcard please.

Also Today

Metro Exodus is getting an Aurora Limited Edition which a copy of the game in an exclusive Steelbook, a 32 page Art Book, and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, all contained within a bespoke metal outer case inspired by The Aurora – the steam locomotive that Artyom and his companions use to journey across post-apocalyptic Russia. Posh!

“Two Girls, One Switch” is the tag line used by the publishers Handy Games to announce that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch. You can see the sisters in action in this trailer for their Gamescom line up.


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  1. Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition pre-orders went live today.
    I snagged one xD I love RE2
    Cannot wait!

  2. PSVR passing 3 Million sales and 22 Million games/experiences is pretty great news too. I guess the price-cut worked out pretty well for them.

    • Apparently 3 million isn’t good, because the Vita sold more. Or the Kinect. Or Chocolate Hob-nobs. According to some people.

      But for everyone else, that’s quite impressive. The 22m games/other things sold is also very impressive. PSVR owners do seem to be quite keen on buying as much as they can though.

      What are the chances it’ll hit 4m by christmas? I could just about happen. Also seem likely a PSVR2 will happen when the PS5 appears. Or would they wait until afterwards? Might not want to make it seem like the PS5 is only for VR games. Then again, a “new” technology like VR moves very quickly, and delaying it might also be a bad idea. And releasing a new headset before the PS5 doesn’t make much sense.

      I’d hate to be whoever makes the final decision at Sony. How do you decide something worth that much money when just a few months could make all the difference?

      • Releasing new VR alongside a new console would be awesome but I’m sure the uptake would be low because if the inevitably huge price. I’m hoping Sony go bonkers and get retailers to do a game, camera and VR bundle for £169 for Christmas, that might get the 4 million mark hit in the new year!

      • Oh yes I do hope there is a PSVR2 at some point. An increase of resolution would improve the experience x100. It’s still a great and unique experience as it is now – I’m definitely converted – really looking forward to seeing how VR improves going forward.

        And 3 Million sold is great. I was a PSVR naysayer for the longest time (until my impulse buying addiction got the better of me…) so I’m genuinely shocked by how many units they’ve managed to shift. Good for them (and good for us PSVR owners too!).

      • Yes, a new PSVR alongside a PS5 would be expensive.

        Maybe a PS5 that can run PS4 games (taking advantage of all the extra power), with support for the current PSVR, and a PSVR2 a year later? Show they’re serious by putting whatever the little mini-PS4 VR box does in the PS5?

        Except then that’ll be late 2021 at the earliest. Which could be an issue. But probably the most likely way to do it.

        I’m guessing the bundle with the camera and game for £199 before christmas and 4m announced in December/January, a PS5 around November 2020 and a PSVR2 sometime within a year of that. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS5 is a bit later, March or April 2021?

        And if the PS5 isn’t backwards compatible, or only supports a PSVR2, they’ve got a problem again. For VR at least. A non-BC PS5 would probably succeed, but VR would struggle, and deservedly so.

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