Community Round-Up: 03/12/11

Fear not, I have returned! Teflon and I have managed to get Steven back in his cage and we won’t be letting him out until the doctors have had a good look at him and declared him safe to be allowed out in public. We’re hoping it’s not contagious, as Teflon and I were exposed to him for a considerable amount of time. Regardless, let’s take a look at what has been going on this week on TSA in this week’s Community Round-Up!

If you fancy winning a behind the scenes book at the development of Uncharted 3, written by Nolan North himself, you’ll want to enter TSA’s first Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer Tournament. You will be battling through 5 rounds of various game modes, with the eventual winner being crowned as TSA’s new Treasure Bearer. The Tournament takes place this Thursday, the 8th, and you need to email Teflon by the 6th if you want to take part. Full details can be found at the link above.

Tomorrow afternoon is going to see the 15 finalists from the F1 2011 Championship take it to the track one last time for a huge 50% race to decide the best of the best once and for all. No mistakes, no leeway, no second chances. Just pure racing. So good luck to all those racing, and look out for the write up some time next week. Just in case you missed it, though, here’s the write up from the last round, so you can catch up on who made it.

Last week we also had a competition to win FIFA ’12 in the forums, via a Spot the Ball quiz. The game came courtesy of Toutski, and we got lots of entries. Predictably, Origami Killer (a Welshman) was right in the running with quite a close guess, but Grey_Ghost was just a shade closer, and so nabbed himself the prize!

Stay tuned for more forum competitions, and we might be cooking up one or two more things in the run up to Christmas. Mince pies and mulled wine for all!

It’s December. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s windy. It’s best to just stay in, live off canned food, and partake in as many TSA Meets as you can. Here’s what’s coming this week:

Tonight, Bodachi is hosting the usual Uncharted 3 meet at 7PM. Perhaps this could be the perfect opportunity to fine tune your skills in preparation for the UC3 Tournament that you signed up to. There’s also a Bioshock 2 meet at 9PM.

Tomorrow sees the regular SARPBC meet. Hosted by Death_In_Flamez it’s starting at 7PM, ignore the mistake saying it’s at midday, it’s not. I also hope you’ve all suited up for the second TSA Photo meet in Home. GTOWN (Kitch) is organising it all, check the thread for details on what spaces you need to get downloaded.

Theberzerka is hosting ‘Mondays MotorStorm Madness’, kicking off at 8pm on Monday night as usual, and on Tueday, sanmartinez is hosting a Bioshock 2 DLC Meet taking place at 7pm.

As usual, taking place next Friday night, there will be the weekly ‘Back 2 back BF3 – MW3’ Meet. Part 1 featuring BF3 kicks off around 7pm, with MW3 beginning at 9pm. Death_In_Flamez is the main man organising these Meets, and they will be up in on the meets page some point quite soon. I’m sure there’ll also be plenty people playing BF3 again, what with the DLC out for PS3 on the 6th, so keep an eye out for more BF3 action then!

Remember that meets can spring up at any time, so keep an eye out, and that if you want to host your own Meet, you can do so provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

No ‘proper’ Previews this week, but Dan gave us a PS Vita Playtest, where he got hands on with WipEout 2048, Resistance: Burning Skies And Super Stardust Delta. Blair does have his review for Rayman Origins though, Alex reviewed Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS and Peter took a look at Kirby’s Wii Adventure which is, unsurprisingly, on Wii. Seeing as we’re a little light on reviews of games this week, I’m going to include Jim’s review of Assassin’s Creed Embers, a 3D animated short, however it does contain spoilers, so be careful.

There’s a rather special Meet the Reader, featuring Hannypoppie being interviewed by Mike. There’s also an extended edition audio version located within General Chat. We also have the WeView Verdict for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which has a 100% unanimous outcome, or you could leave your thoughts for Mortal Kombat, the next game to be under the spotlight. No need to post in the forums, just wax lyrical in the comments.

Tuffcub presented us with his Massive Poll Results about the next gen and what you want to see, which received over 3000 votes! Meanwhile, Jas-n updated us with the December Stats for TSA’s [email protected] team, and also launched a new twitter account (@TSAFolding).

Playback this week featured The Eye of Judgment by Tuffcub, and Greg delivered What We Played #29, which is definitely worth a read if you’re a Skyrim fan, as should you read Aran’s Part 3 of The Adventures of Strongfury. Jim has TSA Talks #9, which contains the gang moaning about everything, and lastly, you can catch Episode 45 of the Oscar Mike Media Podcast.

It’s time to check what’s been happening in the forums, and this week, they’ve certainly been busier!

Remember, General Chat is for registered members only and is unmoderated, so you enter at your own peril. That’s not to say there’s actually traps, at least not right now, but it can contain strong language and things along those lines.

Right, well I now need to go and feed Steven in his cage, but I shall return once again next week! Bye!



  1. Good round up as usual. Can I just add that I was careful not to be discriminatory with the dead space 2 comp and it also contains pics of semi-naked men! It’s for sexiest person, not necessarily female.

  2. The return of Gaz. Nice round-up, thanks for the mention on the FIFA 12 comp. Just missed out. Well done Grey Ghost on that :)
    And I thought the SARPBC meet was at 12pm -_- can’t do the 7pm.

    • It’s usually at 7pm each week, blame Deathin Flamez for luring you in!

      • there was talk of a change in time in the forums. As 7 has been a push for me lately seeing it at 12 was good. He will be blamed :P

  3. Can we have a couple of rule changes for the F1 Championship Final?
    Heavy rain and no driver assists, it would be a lot more fun :}

    • Let’s not get carried away! :P

  4. Has anyone seen my clone? He looks like me, talks like and acts like me but i can’t find him. I have heard that he was seen near a copy of Skyrim last. :p

    I have a surprise for you guys on Monday if everything is ready by then. *unzips trousers* ;p

    • Surprise? Why do my instincts tell me it wont be a nice surprise? Oh yes, because it’s you, Steven! :P

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