Catch Up On All The News And Trailers From PlayStation Experience 2016

As we’ve come to expect from Sony of late, PlayStation Experience was a non-stop whirlwind of new announcements, new trailers, short snippets of news and a general frenzy of hype for games coming in the next year or two.

In fact, some announcements or trailers were so brief that they barely warrant a news post of their own… so we’ve arbitrarily decided that they won’t get one. This post, however, serves as a big old round up of all the news and then catches all of the trailers from the show we didn’t get round to posting.

Rewatch the show


Big News

The rest of the trailers

We said there was an arbitrary cut off. Here’s a new Persona 5 story trailer:

And how about a retro mode in MLB 17?

Or the proper announcement of Akuma for Street Fighter V?

Lots of people will want to know more about the Monokuma Cubs in Danganronpa V3:

Lara Croft Go leaked a few days ago, and now it’s been confirmed and released:

Here’s a new trailer for an interesting game called Vane that was last spoken about back in 2014!

There’s a brand new game called Strafe from Devolver Digital:

And a flying disc game coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita called Windjammers:

And a party game called Move Or Die.

If these are your games that have been bundled together in this round up, we’re sorry. When it’s not been stuffed in the middle of a press conference like PSX, we’ll be sure to return and give you the time and space you deserve.

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  1. Last night’s PSX was another example of how well technology works in 2016. I missed the show when it was streamed live for about 2 hours, due to a guy with a red hat that turned up early.

    Then I was googling my *** off to find the full show to watch, and I checked all services on my PS4 for it.

    On the browser I found a reference on the PS blog to an embedded video ‘above’ which was not there. I thought it might work on the PS3, but there was nothing either, in the contrary, I got security warnings with every single Sony PS page I opened. Do they ever test their stuff on their own devices…?

    In the end, I watched the show on stupid IGN, as that was the only site that had it up, but as these folks are stupid, there was a black semi-transparent message in the middle of the screen telling me that the video could not be shown on my PS4 because Flash was missing. Except that it did, behind their stupid message.

    As low as my expectations have become, I am still astonished how badly technology works towards the end of 2016.

    • I would’ve suggested digging up the Youtube live stream and rewinding it all the way back to the beginning. Not immediately obvious, as the stream was still going and not highlighted as such, but the simplest solution in the end.

      • Ok, but I guess next time I better wait a full day for videos to be up.
        On YouTube it needed a login at the time, due to an age restriction, and I’ll definitely not log into Google on my PS4. I already banned them from my Android phone and don’t want them sniffing round on my console either. Don’t trust them at all with my data.

  2. Shhh! Nobody tell me what happened. I was standing around in Wembley Arena at the time, and it didn’t seem the done thing to be watching it on my phone while waiting for anything interesting to happen.

    I’ll watch it all later. Possibly after 48 hours sleep.

  3. I’m glad you’ve put everything together in one post as I wasn’t able to read/view anything yesterday.

  4. TSA at its finest here, perfect little run down with links to more detail if you do desire. Good stuff.
    I’m very disappointed with the lack of vr stuff, I’ve held off with buying it because I thought Sony wouldn’t support it properly. Its starting to look like that was the correct thing to do.

  5. Thanks for putting it all in one place. I am going to watch all the trailers I have missed

  6. TSA at it finest. Great round up :-)

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