Something For The Weekend – 01/12/18

December has arrived, and it’s starting to feel a bit more Christmassy with the trees and lights appearing around us. Has anyone put a punt on it being a white Christmas this year?

The big news of the week was of course the launch of Red Dead Online. Let me know if you’ve had a chance to posse up yet, and what your first thoughts are!

In the News This Week

Sunday Streaming Hour

Tomorrow sees the TSA posse riding around in Red Dead Online at 5pm for Sunday Streaming Hour. Feel free to drop into the stream, or maybe even join them in the Wild West!

Games in Review

It was another busy week for the previews, with a healthy mix of games and hardware:

Steve also opened up his game clinic, offering mini-reviews of the following patients:

  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows – PC
  • Fast Striker – PS4
  • Super Hyperactive Ninja – Switch
  • Air Missions: Hind and Heavy Fire: Red Shadow – PS4
  • Heavy Fire: Red Shadow – PS4
  • My Memory of Us – PS4

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

It was a (red) dead week for the previews, as the only offering we had was Adrian’s look at the Red Dead Online Beta. Although he enjoyed completing storyline missions in co-op, the ‘unremarkable’ combat currently lets it down.

Elsewhere, What We Played featured Beat Saber, Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight, & Pokémon Let’s Go.

Trailer Park

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Legacy Of The First Blade DLC Has A Trailer

Check Out This Just Cause 4 Live Action Trailer

The Override: Mech City Brawl Launch Trailer Is Here

Your Achievements

Time to check in with the community:

  • Catching up with the RDR2 players, MrYd finished the single player, saying “it’s definitely earned it’s title as ‘game of the generation'”, as did Crazy_Del, who says that the online is “mad fun!”. ron_mcphatty is slightly further behind in the single player, and found a few too many bugs when he ventured online.
  • tactical20 is 12 days into waiting for God of War to arrive, eek!
  • TSBonyman enjoyed his ‘favourite update so far’ in No Man’s Sky.
  • GeneralJeeb dabbled in a bit of Pokémon, Diablo III, Xenoblade and Velocity X2.
  • And lastly Andrewww picked up Tomb Raider and another controller in the Black Friday sales so he can enjoy Rayman with his kids.

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

Is this the last flurry of releases before Christmas?

  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game – PS4, XBO – 4/12
  • Just Cause 4 – PS4, XBO, PC – 4/12
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – PS4, XBO, PC, Switch – 4/12
  • Persona 3, 4, 5 Dancing – PS4 – 4/12
  • Subnautica – PS4, XBO – 4/12
  • PUBG – PS4 – 7/12
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Switch – 7/12

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you again soon!


  1. Are people really calling RDR2 the game of the generation? I’ll admit it has genre defining elements but at the other end of the scale there’s parts of it that are, well, just bad.

    Having said that I don’t know what I would vote for as GotG.

    • There were people that didn’t think the first RDR was the game of the PS3 generation. They were wrong.

      What bits of it are bad? I don’t think there’s anything in the entire game that counts as bad. Some bits are perfectly adequate and a lot of bits are great.

      • I 100%’d RDR mulitple times on PS3, and looking back, think it probably was the game of the generation.

        RDR2 I’ve just really struggled to get in to. I’m still at the first camp, and have only unlocked about 20% of the map. Just wasn’t really enjoying it. Found the controls unintuitive and overly complicated. Felt like everything was a slog and wasn’t actually having fun.

        I’d bought the £75 version too, as I was convinced I’d love it. Oh well.

      • The first one probably was and I loved that game so much I was praying for a sequel the moment that the credits rolled. Such high expectations may lead into my mild disappointment of RDR2.

        My main issue is the pacing. I feel like the first 3 and half chapters could have been summed up in a short FMV. 4, 5 and 6 were pretty helter skelter and the epilogue chapters saved the whole deal for me. They were pretty damn magnificent.

        Characterization of multiple characters but mainly Dutch was also a sticking point. Man with a plan was a toolbag from the very beginning. Sadie and Charles really ended up being the most meaningful.

        Also, realism. The hair and beard grows at a realistic length but you can get utterly riddled with bullets and there’s not even an option to kind of patch yourself up in a far cry type way? Just breaks immersion.

        Another thing is the traversal. Objectives having you traipse half way across the game world just to go back. With potentially important story element chatter as you go, who thought that was a good idea?

        I’m starting to nitpick but I haven’t mentioned the controls or gunplay. I realize my feelings are subjective but I’d still offer an 8 or 9. I simply can’t subscribe to this game of the generation idea when I had a problem finishing it in the first place. I must repeat however, the epilogue makes it all worthwhile.

      • You just listed a bunch of things that make it so good!

        I thought the first half was great. Yes, it was slower, but it’s time well spent building the world and characters and getting you used to everything.

        Once it hits chapter 4, it’s possibly a bit too fast. There’s this massive world and all these things to do, and you’re swept along by the story.

        Getting across the world was slow, but then you’ve got important dialogue to listen to, a gorgeous world to look at, and all those people to shout “Hey mister!” at. And various fast travel options were available for the impatient.

        Controls were fine. No worse than the original, and options to tweak them a bit.

        Is it perfect? Not if you’re going to try and find some tiny flaw somewhere. Is there anything better on the PS4? I can’t thing of anything. Can you?

  2. Witcher 3. Best game I’ve played since Nov 21st, 1990.

    • Obviously supposed to be a reply to MrYd. 😖 Tired.

    • Witcher 3 is somewhat overrated. Terrible combat system for an RPG and a massive map that just plasters sidequests all over the place until you forget what the main story was.

      But it looks very pretty, I guess. Never got around to finishing it.

      • And there’s our subjectivity come full circle.

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