Something for the Weekend – 04/01/20 – TheSixthAxis

Something for the Weekend – 04/01/20

2020 might only be a few days old, but it’s time for the first Something of the Weekend of the year and there’s plenty to catch up on from the last fortnight.

It’s not all just Game of the Year fluff though. Tuffcub and Aran have both kept an eye out over the break, picking up all sorts of weird and wonderful news stories to throw up on the front page. Let’s dive in!

In the News This Week

And as it’s the start of the month, there’s plenty of freebies out and about:

Game of the Year 2019

It being the end of the year, we spent most of last month running through a bunch of different categories for our Game of the Year awards, leading up to the declaration of our overall winner on New Year’s Eve.

But what about the real Game of the Year Awards? We took a little detour on Boxing Day for The Alternative GOTY 2019.

Featured Articles

Outside of Game of the Year, we had two other year-ending series of articles. One of these looked back at 2019 from the perspective of each major publisher and manufacturer. PlayStation’s 2019 was comparatively subdued, while Microsoft’s year was all about the futureand Nintendo made hay with a surprisingly strong year.

We also looked to 2020, running through our top 50 most wanted games of this coming year… that we know of, anyway. Splitting them up into six parts, check out #50-41#40-31#30-21, #20-11, #10-6, and the most important one of them all, our Most Wanted in 2020 #5-1.

And we started to get back into the groove yesterday afternoon with the first What We Played of the decade featuring Control, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and generally catching up on our Christmas gaming.

Trailer Park

Final Fantasy VII Remake demo intro video has leaked

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a new trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s newest trailer shows a world covered in snow

Stand back Baby Yoda, Baby Sonic has been revealed

Your Achievements

Time to catch up with you, our fine readers, and what you’ve been up to over the Christmas break:

  • Andrewww went off to the Alps, taking just his PS Vita with him for the odd bit of gaming when he had time to kill. That meant his gaming featured a return to the colour changing puzzling of Hue and Zero Time Dilemma. He also watched The Mandalorian, which is “actually really good”.
  • Crazy_Del got PSN vouchers for Christmas, so with no new games he played more Death Stranding, nabbed the platinums for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (his last of 2019), Far Cry: New Dawn (his first of 2020), and went back to Trine 2 on PS3 for another.
  • MrYd played the “childish nonsense” of Borderlands 3 (which is exactly what he was after), The Outer Worlds and the “flawed” Days Gone which he picked up in the sale. There was also 428 Shibuya Scramble and when he popped his PSVR on, a bit of Blood and Truth.
  • Finally, TSBonyman has been learning how to get around in Death Stranding. He’s just unlocked the bike, then managed to blow it up.

That’s it for this week, and we’ll hopefully catch you again for next week’s round up. Have a fab weekend

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