Something for the Weekend – 11/06/22

The Last of Us Remake

Whether you call it Summer Game Fest, ‘Keigh 3’, ‘Not E3’, ‘Summer Geoff Fest’, we’re right in the middle of the traditional summertime video games bonanza. Sure, it’s still very different to the full fat E3 carnival, and seems decidedly smaller scale, but there’s still been some pretty big or interesting announcements. So… let’s round up all the gaming news!

In the News This Week

OK, so the best way to round-up everything that’s been announced is actually to give you a round-up of round-ups, starting with the bigger of the fishes that have swum up stream so far.

That should have you mostly covered, but here’s a few particular highlights (and more general news)

Make sure to tune in on Sunday for the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in particular, but there’s other streams through today and tomorrow that will have a bunch of announcements. Here’s the rest of the schedule:

  • Guerrilla Collective – 11th June 8AM PDT / 11AM EDT / 4PM BST / 5PM CEST
  • Wholesome Games Direct – 11th June 9:30AM PDT / 12:30PM EDT / 17:30PM BST / 18:30PM CEST
  • Future Games Show – 11th June 12PM PDT / 3PMM EDT / 8PM BST / 9PM CEST
  • Xbox & Bethesda Showcase – 12th June 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST / 7PM CEST
  • PC Gaming Show – 12th June 12:30PM PDT / 3:30PM EDT / 8:30PM BST / 9:30PM CEST
  • Capcom Showcase – 13th June 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT / 11PM BST / 12AM (14th June) CEST

Games in Review

Let’s start with the clutch of reviews that we had this week:

Featured Stories

Last weekend saw the annual Pokémon Go Fest, and Nic was our man roaming parks and catching cutesy monsters for the two-day Poké-bonanza. Was it worth paying for, though? Did Niantic screw everything up with bad communication and abysmal shiny rates? You betcha! Here’s his Pokémon Go Fest 2022 report.

Dom felt like he was visiting some old friends when diving into the opening chapters of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – you too can check this out with the free demo. Meanwhile, I took up dangerous park management again with the Dominion Biosyn Expansion for Jurassic World Evolution 2. Here it is in action.

Following the latest lump sum investment in a video games company by the Saudi ‘Public Investment Fund’, Tuffcub dove into gaming as a whole to see whether you can actually still do any kind of gaming with a free conscience over the human and global toll of this industry. Here’s how to be a guilt free gamer or: Why humans are just awful.

Finally What We Played featured Jurassic Park Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn Expansion and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Long game names are the best, eh?

Trailer Park

See the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 oil rig level playthrough

Layers of Fears announced by Bloober Team, annoying everyone who was hoping for Silent Hill

The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake is officially announced

The Plucky Squire is a gorgeous adventure split between 2D and 3D

Be a bear and run a B&B in Bear & Breakfast – coming out in July

Your Achievements

Here’s what you in our community has been up to this week:

  • willbuchanan got in a little Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars on PS3 and Everybody’s Golf on PS4, but plans for much more gaming this weekend.
  • And while hornet1990 has been concentrating on watching Netflix as he runs out his subscription, he did try the Dishonored 2 trial. He’s enjoying the broader level design, after years of being spoilt by signposting and linear games.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you’ll pop in every now and then to see what else has been announced!

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