Gears Of War 3 RAAM’s Shadow DLC Now Available

Comes with a warning for Season Pass holders.

Killzone 3 Retro Pack Announced

Two maps from Killzone 2 get a revamp.

More Borderlands DLC Coming?

More first-person levelling in post-apocalyptia.

Red Dead DLC Packs Detailed

Weapons, challenges, Zombies. Yes, Zombies.

TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 6

Will ‘bonus’ DLC kill the pre-owned market?

TC’s Massive Poll: Pre-Owned Games

Will extra content stop you buying pre-owned?

Grouping of Trophies Begin

Apparently Darksiders will be receiving DLC as well.

What Does Kratos Taste Like?

Slurp Kratos. Mmmmm.