Something for the Bank Holiday Weekend – 23/05/20

What, another one? It feels like it was just last week that we had the last bank holiday, and yet here we are again with another long weekend. What do you have planned with your Monday off? A few extra gaming sessions, perhaps? A little bit of backlog clearing?

In the News This Week


We’ve got another big giveaway on the site this weekend, with a PS4 Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller up for grabs. The giveaway is open through Monday 25th May.

It’s well worth entering, so long as you not one of those “hilarious” people who goes on about the sticks being in the “wrong” place or having different length thumbs.

Games in Review

There were quite a mix of games in the review pool this week:

Featured Articles

The big release of the week was Amazon’s free to play hero shooter Crucible, with Dom diving in to see if the game can hold up against the MOBAs and shooters that served as its inspirations. Meanwhile, Steve was surprised by I, Dracula: Genesis, finding himself drawn into a roguelite that’s nowhere near as gothic as he was expecting.

With a bit of chatter this week about the DualSense and how it could let you “feel the weather” – actually, a misquote – I looked at the DualSense and the history of haptic feedback. Would you believe that Sony are actually playing catch up to their rivals?

Finally, What We Played featured Crucible, Maneater and The Last of Us: Remastered.

Trailer Park

Maneater, the world’s first open world Shark RPG, gets a launch trailer ahead of its release

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a ground up remake coming out in August

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath – watch the Fujin reveal gameplay

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass releases for PC and Stadia in August

Amazon’s Crucible gets a launch trailer to watch while it downloads

Your Achievements

Just two of our most ardent regulars checked in this week:

  • MrYd finished off The Evil Within 2, which turned out quite good in the end after it became more linear, and Get Even, which was also well worth it. After that he shuffled over to Red Dead Online, getting his moonshine business up and running and shooting someone for complimenting his horse…
  • Crazy_Del returned to Duke Nukem Forever to grab the platinum trophy nine years on from its release. He then tried to cleanse his palate with the slightly buggy Shadows Awakening on PS4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 community dailies.

Another week done, stay safe, enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you again soon. Bye!

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