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gta v

Swedish Retailer Lists GTA V

No mention of location, mind.

Rumour: GTA V Set In Hollywood

At least, that’s what we think it all means.

GTA V Before E3

So says man (who think he’s) in the know.

Next GTA Revealed At E3?

Stay tuned for next Summer, then.

No Need For GTA To Become Annualised

Take Two not wanting to rush GTA games…

GTAV Not For 2010?

Seems that Pachter may have been wrong about something. What’s the world coming to?

GTA 5 Set In London?

Evidence pointing to a UK-based GTA.

GTA V Shown To Journalist? No.

Game Informer Editor says he “might” have seen GTA V. It was all a “joke” apparently. Hoho.

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