E3 2016 Rumour Round-Up: What To Expect From Third Party Publishers This Year

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding this year’s E3, with companies backing out of the show floor, and predictions of the show’s fading relevance, but if the last few days have done anything, it’s reaffirmed E3 and the surrounding weeks as some of the biggest of the year for gaming news.

We’ll look at Sony and Microsoft individually, but from rumours and leaks to outright speculation, here’s what to keep an eye out for at E3.

Oh, and want to know how you can watch all of these announcements unfold? We’ve got a handy cheat sheet for you.


EA Play

Yes, we’re starting our E3 guessing game with one of the most notable omissions from the show, as EA have turned to creating the more consumer focused EA Play, which runs in both LA and London from the 12th to the 14th.

Already confirmed to make an appearance are Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17, all of which will be playable, but this will cover games from “later this year and next, with a few surprises from games beyond that,” according to a press release.

The easiest guess would be that we’ll also see some of Mass Effect: Andromeda on stage, but the “beyond that” and previous explanations of EA’s plans for Star Wars might mean there’s finally something to show from Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment’s respective Star Wars titles, which aren’t due until 2018. You’ll just have to try to stay awake during the EA Sports sections…


Bethesda’s actually quite a big unknown, having said that they’d only have another E3 press conference if they had a lot to talk about. Last year was dominated by Fallout 4, but all they can talk about there is future DLC and when the PlayStation 4 might get mod support.

The only other game we absolutely know is on the books for release is Dishonored 2, which will certainly take centre stage ahead of its November 11th release, but there’s also been leaks of a Skyrim remaster and a The Evil Within sequel in the last few days. Beyond that, might they have a few other secrets up their sleeves? Prey 2?


Well, we know all about Watch Dogs 2 now, but it would be a surprise if Ubisoft didn’t talk about this game some more during their press conference. After all, there’s no new Assassin’s Creed game on the way, and Watch Dogs has taken that game’s typical release window, coming out on November 13th.


Other games that we know are on the way are For Honor, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, the last of which will surely command a big chunk of stage time. They might also take some time to talk a little about their experiments with VR, such as Werewolves Within, which was announced a few months back.

However, Ubisoft have traditionally had one super secret reveal to surprise everyone with at E3. With Watch Dogs 2 already announced, there’s surely something more to talk about? Something that isn’t Just Dance 2017, that is…


Another significant loss to the E3 show floor, Activision have a very focussed portfolio of games, these days. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will make an appearance on the Sony stage – single player only, with multiplayer to be revealed at this year’s Call of Duty eSports championship finals – what with the multi-year deal to have Call of Duty DLC appear first on PlayStation, but with no full sequel to Destiny this year, Bungie will be showing what the Rise of Iron expansion entails in a dedicated stream this evening.

The third piece of Activision’s puzzle is Skylanders: Imaginators, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that appear on stage at E3, and we were party to the game’s announcement last month.


Nintendo are going to be having a pretty low key E3 this year, having said that the NX will be announced separately from E3. Even so, there will be two days of the Nintendo Treehouse starting on June 14th.


The Legend of Zelda, coming early next year for Wii U and NX, will be the star of the first day’s stream and Nintendo’s only playable game at E3. Beyond that, the Treehouse will also show off Pokémon Sun and Moon on the first day, before turning to Pokémon GO, Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the second.


Pro Evolution Soccer 17 and pachinko machines that people care about far, far too much.


Fans of strategy games had best keep a beady eye on Sega, with the recent announcement of Dawn of War III. There’s a slim chance that Creative Assembly might talk about adding new races to Total War: Warhammer, but we could also hear about the setting of the next Total War game, which has been in development at a second internal team, and could be something really quite unexpected.

For console gamers, there’s Yakuza 0, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (a Nintendo exclusive) and the prospect of more Persona 5 details. Those who like to indulge in wishful thinking might cross their fingers and toes for Shenmue remasters and a Valkyria Chronicles sequel.

Warner Bros.

A sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, the DC Comics superhero fighter, was just announced, so we’ll see that at some point this week. Warner could also reveal one or two upcoming Lego games in development – The Force Awakens is out this month, but what comes next? – and today’s planned announcement of new Lego Dimensions figures and expansions has already leaked.

Then there’s a potential Shadow Of Mordor follow-up to consider as well, with rumours pointing to this happening. Although The Hobbit trilogy has been put to rest, there’s an ongoing demand for games set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth – a demand that could easily be met if Monolith were put to work on a sequel.

Deep Silver

Agents of Mayhem was a pleasant surprise announcement this week, as Volition create a new IP in a new comic hero universe, albeit with plenty of ties to Saints Row tucked away in there.

We’ll see plenty of that, then, but what else from Deep Silver? It’d be nice to hear if Dead Island 2 can possibly be revived with a new developer, but I don’t personally expect that’s for E3 this year.


Well, Dead Rising 4 is out of the bag, though it will have to be seen whether or not it’s an Xbox One console exclusive, as the 3rd entry was. Other than that, we know that there’s a few Resident Evil games in the works.

Most imminently, Capcom will want to push Umbrella Corps, their tactical shooter that is releasing in a few weeks on PS4 and PC, but they announced the Resident Evil 2 remake last August at Gamescom, 4, 5 and 6 are getting HD remasters, and last month Japanese analyst Dr. Serkan Toto tweeted that Resident Evil 7 would be going public at E3.

Capcom will no doubt continue to tout the success of its world-beating Monster Hunter franchise, with Generations heading West next month. Despite the potential for this series to expand onto bigger platforms, Capcom seems content enough with the Nintendo 3DS.

2K Games

2K have got a good few plates to keep spinning, with Civilization VI recently announced and wanting to be demoed, a bit of WWE 2K17 and NBA 2K17… but I know most of you are just wanting to see lots and lots of Mafia III. I doubt they’ll disappoint.

Square Enix

Square got a few of their talking points out of the door early, with a lot of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, its new Breach game mode, and Deus Ex GO shown off yesterday afternoon, as well as several Final Fantasy announcements in quick succession, from a Final Fantasy XII remaster to World of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 news.

But there’s still a few big hitters, including Nier: Automata, Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III.

Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo isn’t a name we’d normally associate with E3, despite its continued presence. Like many Japanese publishers, announcements of new Koei Tecmo games typically come from TGS and gaming mags. On June 13th, however, it will unveil the latest games in the long-running Warriors franchise – one that promises to be the most “evil” to date.

Although this newest instalment may not even make an appearance at E3, the timing of the announcement seems like an attempt to attract a western audience.

Bandai Namco

Bandai’s bringing an awful lot of Japanese games to the West these days, and E3 will feature a new playable build of Tekken 7 as their headline act. There’s also Tales of Berseria, Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade, God Eater, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.


  • Telltale Games are taking the lid off The Walking Dead: Season 3 on Sunday, and also have Batman to tell us about.
  • There’s long been rumours of a Red Dead Redemption HD remaster or the announcement of a sequel.
  • Team17 will be showing off Yooka-Laylee, as well as more Worms WMD, Overcooked & Strength of the Sword: Ultimate.
  • Mike Bithell has his Volume: Coda VR expansion to show off.
  • Koji Igarashi shows gameplay of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

And plenty more that we can’t possibly keep track of. It’s going to be a busy E3.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for what we can expect to see at Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences. Might there be console hardware reveals?


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  1. All I want is for Red Dead to be remade, or a sequel, and that will make my entire E3. I’m also hoping for some brand new IP surprises, it seems like we’ve finally gotten through the bulk of the remasters and now’s time to branch out into new things.

    • Agreed. Although I’m waiting for Read Dead Redemption to come on backwards compatibility, and the Bioshock remastered collection to release. Both have had leaked info, so I’m hoping. Aside from that, I’d like a ton of new IPs as well. It feels like Ubisoft are indoctrinated with creating sequels, SE with remasters and episodic games, with EA and Activision doing the usual annual/bi-annual stuff.

  2. There might not be a new Assassin’s Creed this year, but I can’t shake the feeling that they might have an “HD” version of AC Rouge for the PS4 and Xbox1

    Would definitely like to see a sequel to Shadow of Mordor though

  3. Last year was the worst E3 I can remember. This one is looking slightly better. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • The worst? Last Guardian, Horizon, Gear of War, Fallout 4, Detroit, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Doom, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Final Fantasy IV Remake, need I go on?

  4. All these leaks whether on purpose or not have ruined E3 for me. Let’s hope theres some games yet to be announced.

  5. Konami will get everyone excited by showing the new MGS3 remake then…


    I kinda don’t feel anything towards E3. Odd. Although, i will admit, my life is in “GET A JOB! GET A JOB! GET A JOB, YOU SCUMBAG! GET A JOB!” mode.

    • Regarding myself. Not that i’m going around, doing what the Daily Mail thinks i should do in order to live on the dole and shout at people.

  6. Please let Capcom see the light and bring Monster Hunter to a home console, or have SEGA bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to the West.Surely this stuff doesn’t just make sense to me?!

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