Everything From E3 2018

Welcome to our annual round up of everything from the E3 conferences! As there are so many announcements over such a short space of time the posts quickly fall off the front page of the site but you will be able to find them all in this one feature which will stuck to the top of TSA for the duration of E3 and will be updated regularly.

UPDATE: Right, that’s it. All the shows are done so this is the last update to this post, News at Sixth will return tomorrow to mop up the rest of the week. 











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  1. Nice one, thanks.

  2. Perfect, any chance you could add links to where we can watch the conferences afterwards? I missed the MS and Bethesda shows last night.

    • The other E3 post should have links to the shows just follow then and should be able to replay

  3. I thought Microsoft had a good show, should certainly have pleased the fans and a couple of games that i’d like to play. I was all settled in to watch Bethesda afterwards but then the start time was mysteriously altered .. ;)

  4. Thanks folks, very handy, E3 newsglut is such a pain in the backside and I can never keep up! Good to see the early Sony announcements both being VR, hopefully there’s more, and I’m still keeping everything crossable crossed for Half Life 3… and maybe Vita 2!

  5. Thanks for this ^^ was partying hard….. too hard! And now heading back home from the festival and will try to catch up E3

  6. So now it’s all over, I can finally manage to login and comment on everything (what was up with the login page earlier??)

    Ok, no, I won’t go and comment on every single thing. You can all relax.

    Overall, it’s all been a bit disappointing. Lots of things we knew about already, half of which still haven’t got a release date. Too many sequels. And a few odd things here and there. And plenty of shiny graphics.

    On the plus side, I wasn’t expecting Dying Light 2 to suddenly be announced. Slightly embarrassing for MS when the best thing they’ve got to show is a multi-platform sequel. Then again, Sony didn’t do much better, although I guess we did know they were just going to show off 4 things we already new about anyway.

    Still, there were plenty of things to annoy the gamergate idiots, which is always good. (I think they’re just getting started on their moaning about lesbians and playable women in AC)

    And we do get free blops out of it all. 69 bloody gig to download! And my backlog’s already big enough as it is, so probably best nobody really announced anything else I might be interested in.

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