Gamescom Day One Round-Up

Gamescom’s in full swing, and there’s been plenty of stuff happening today as the press day draws to a close.

The day started with a few overnight posts, starting with the not strictly Gamescom related but certainly relevant Street Fighter X Tekken trailer, followed by one for Soul Calibur V that was Gamescom tagged.  Then Delriach took a good look at THQ’s WWE 12 tech, with which he was pretty impressed.


Then there was a bit of a catch-up, starting with the Borderlands 2 teaser and hints that Z.O.E. might be heading to the 3DS.  Harmonix revealed that they’re working on an iPhone game and the 3DS future hit Heroes of Ruin got a new trailer.



As Gamescom crawled out of its bed and open its doors, we took a quick look at Forza 4 and a review of tomorrow’s Cubixx HD PS3 title before a cheeky peak at PS3 exclusive Agent, even if it was in concept art form.  Then some new screens of Mercury Hg made way for news that Batman: Arkham City would support both new 3D and ‘old’ 3D.  Fancy.

So, onto Gamescom.  Which officially kicked off with a Grimlands trailer and one for Devil May Cry.  News that the 3DS is selling well didn’t come as any surprise, though, but the timely release of Minecraft for Xperia Play pleased at least one person.  Unlike FIFA 12.

[drop2]A trailer for Dark Souls struck fear into the heart of our Dan, but news that Awesomenauts was at Gamescom didn’t really bother too many people.  What else?  An iffy deal from GAME for MW3 was followed by comments from THQ’s Danny Bilson about Metacritic and a release date window for PS Vita here in Europe.

As Microsoft’s open session started, so did the Xbox 360 news.  New screens for Gears 3, Trenched got a new name, Steel Battallion got a trailer and Halo Anniversary got some new screens.  Microsoft dated some sequels and we found out Kinectimals will get a Windows Phone 7 release.

Resident Evil Revelations bagged a new trailer, Bodycount appeared in demo form on Xbox Live and FIFA Street got a new lease of life, which kicked off EA’s press conference.  Most impressive video today?  Battlefield 3, by a country mile although SSX looks nice too.  Blair’s got the rest of EA’s trailers here.

DOTA 2 got a trailer, Warhammer Online was announced, Ninja Gaiden 3 is to get Move support and Mass Effect 3 got a new video, all of which happened before Sony’s press conference started at 6pm BST.

Which consisted of a new Resistance game, something called Escape Plan and a brand new, er, PSP – with less functionality but a budget price point.  People with flabby arms can look forward to Move Fitness, people with vampire fetishes can look forward to a blood-themed inFamous side story and people without a PS3 can now pick one up cheap.

Well, cheaper.

The PS Vita got Twitter and Facebook functionality confirmed, Ghost Recon got a new trailer, Uncharted 3 looked alright and Delriach woke up just in time to post some new trailers for Ultimate MvC 3.  Oh, and Lumines is heading to Vita – that’s pretty much the highlight for me in more ways than one.

Busy day, huh?

Remember you can always use our handy Catch-up page, which lists just the titles so that you never need to miss a post.



  1. Nice round-up, you’re the linkmaster. You are Link.

    • Same here. Thanks for that Alex. Had one helluva busy and distracting day so this catch-up was utterly perfect. *tips hat*

  2. wow… that was alot for the first day! =)
    intressting to see a new fifa street game…=) will have my eyes on it…

  3. The Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour trailer was the best video from today imo. It’s got me interested enough to look at getting a 360, only thing that’s putting me off is Kinect’s price.
    While some of the games for Vita look interesting, the only one I really want is the Assassins Creed one. At the moment though, I can’t see myself buying Vita at Sony’s initial price.

  4. how did you know I just woke up?!

  5. Glad of the round up, saves a lot of time. Cheers.

  6. Nice idea for a post, very useful cheers!

  7. This post is one of the reasons I love TSA =)

  8. Yup, that is link overload there. ;)

  9. SSX and the Uncharted 3 demo were my highlights so far. God, I cannot wait for those games…

    The inFamous 2 side story took me by surprise as well.

  10. Although not at all relevant. Does the picture for this story remind anyone else of Trivial Pursuit?

    • It does indeed – Just got a green wedge by the looks of it! :)

      Although i think that Watchful uses it for his stats posts too.

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